Transitional Housing

Since late 2017 TCHT has been a Contracted Transitional Housing Provider. As a Transitional Housing Provider, we offer short term accommodation alongside support services, to help people with a housing need access longer term sustainable housing. 

Referrals to Transitional Housing are made by Work and Income (MSD), if you have an unmet housing need please contact Work and Income or visit your Local Branch. 

For further information on Housing supports available through Work and Income (MSD) please follow this link

Community Housing

Tauranga Community Housing Trust is a registered Community Housing Provider, and a member of Community Housing Aotearoa. As a housing provider and landlord TCHT is helping to address the issue of access to housing, by providing housing at a social rather than market rent to those who need it, both in properties owned by the trust itself and through leasing and managing properties owned by the private sector. 

Housing Facilitation Service

TCHT’s Housing Facilitation service is targeted toward elderly, and people with a disability or chronic health condition, who have an unmet housing need.

TCHT’s Housing Service Worker walks alongside clients to identify appropriate and sustainable housing options. The Housing Service Worker continues to work with the client as they transition into sustainable accommodation. Referrals are made via the District Health Board (Support Net).

Friendly Landlord Program


The Friendly Landlord Program is a partnership between TCHT and the BOPDHB.

This initiative is built on the belief that Mental Health Service Users have a better chance of succeeding, when independent, yet supported, sustainable accommodation is provided. 

Bay of Plenty Healthy Home Initiative

The Bay Of Plenty Healthy Home Initiative identifies eligible families, working with them to carry out a comprehensive housing assessment and complete an individualised action plan to create a warmer, drier, healthier home.

BOPHHI then help families to get the interventions they need to create a better living environment, especially for their children. Interventions given to these families include help with accessing insulation, curtains, beds, bedding, minor repairs, floor coverings, ventilation, heating sources, Full And Correct Entitlement assessments through Work and Income, support with power bills, and finding alternative accommodation as needed.